A DIVERSE PORTFOLIO   The unique ability of Phillips 66 to supply exceptionally pure Group II and Group III base stocks means you can now deal with one supplier for both. Used separately or together, Pure Performance® Group II and Ultra-S® Group III base oils are the key to optimizing the cost and performance of your most demanding formulations.

RELIABLE AND CONSISTENT   Phillips 66 is now the exclusive marketer of S-Oil Corporation’s Ultra-S® Group III base oils in North America. S-Oil is a world-class refiner that has produced top quality base oils for over two decades. Combining premier S-Oil products with the marketing, technical, and logistics strengths of Phillips 66 gives you a new supply source with a proven track record of consistency and reliability.

INTEGRATED SUPPORT   As a major base oil producer and national lubricant marketer, Phillips 66 is uniquely positioned to efficiently deliver Pure Peformance and Ultra-S products throughout North America. Our base oil customers are supported by industry-leading customer service and logistics, innovative commercial relationships, and expert technical support. And, we collaborate closely with additive companies to provide you with the most flexible and cost effective formulation options.

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